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 Raj Hasephin // Canine

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Raj Hasephin


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PostSubject: Raj Hasephin // Canine   Sun May 03, 2015 4:50 am

Raj Hasephin
Appearance: Raj stands at six feet one inches and weighs 174 pounds, loading him with a decent height/weight ratio. His skin is a permanent light brown color due to his heritage, and it often stays such a color unless he gets an ungodly amount of sun. Raj's body is toned just enough to be aesthetically pleasing; he works enough only to maintain a pebbled abdomen and jutting veins.

Raj's hair is usually trimmed in such a way where the sides are shorter than the mop on top, giving him a faux mohawk sort of look. He rarely styles it, preferring to leave it natural since it springs up almost perfectly whenever he sleeps on it while it's damp. He dons a permanent stubble, often opting to trim it when it becomes more like a beard than a scruff.

Unlike in his wolf form, Raj doesn't have a scar running down his face. The reason behind it is still confusing, at best, but he appreciates the fact that he's not entirely ugly when he's in his human skin. However, when he's half-shifted, a slightly less obvious scar forms from between his brows down to his top lip- where, instead of the scar going straight down his nose, it veers to the left and then down to his upper lip. Raj's eyes also change from chocolate brown to his wolf's slate gray.

✖ ✖ ✖

Personality: Raj boasts a personality that likely makes his character all the more unappealing. He's a sly devil, one who can get under your skin and toy with your feelings. He enjoys the power of controlling others, and gets a sort of high from it- enjoys the feeling of being in control, that sort of rush that makes his veins sing with adrenaline. He lusts for that control, that sort of influence on someone, and feeds from it.

There's no real good quality about Raj. He's a deviant, for lack of a better word. The brute enjoys causing a little bit of strife and chaos among his fellow wolves, and actively harasses those who he feels he'll get a good rile from. There's no such thing as boundaries with him, and therefore he'll get into another's space, make them uncomfortable with his closeness. It fills him with some sort of sick sense of accomplishment when they snap at him, cower, or try to brush him off like some sort of pesky fly. Any sort of reaction given is a trip for Raj, and so there's no real way to discourage him from his antics.

For those that he feels deserves a little respect, he grants it to them. Though, this act of mild submission is a very rare find in Raj, and whomever he decides to yield to is probably of some importance to him. He wouldn't call them friends- more like acquaintances- though they should take care in placing their trust in him; he’s very flexible with his relationships, and finds that if a connection needs to be terminated, he’ll use the most twisted ways of going about it. Generally, it deals with Raj taking insecurities and fears and feeding those malevolent things with his guile and silver tongue, hurting those who he feels need to be dropped from his inner circle.
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Raj Hasephin // Canine
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