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 Shane Bergeron // Ungulate

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Shane Bergeron


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PostSubject: Shane Bergeron // Ungulate   Tue May 05, 2015 11:44 pm

Shane Bergeron
Appearance: Standing at 5'10 and weighing a total of 173 lbs., Shane has a fairly bulky frame, with an abundance of muscle throughout his entire body. He isn't especially tall, though his legs are still considered rather long and sturdy to support his solid build. His hair is black, though it may appear to have hints of brown, especially when met with the sunlight. His eyes are a dark brown, though they can often appear nearly black and in low light conditions, and he has a slight, natural tan to his skin tone.

In the clothing department, his casual wear outside of his police uniform during work hours, includes regular t-shirts, never with any designs, button ups of all colors and patterns, and jeans that are usually worn out and torn at the knees. He faithfully wears a pair of black boots and a silver necklace, and may occasionally be found sporting a beat up brown baseball cap.

✖ ✖ ✖

Personality: Shane, in your average situation, normally plays off as a generally nice individual. He has all of the qualities to be referred to as someone who is very friendly, and treats others with the kindness and respect he feels one deserves. Shane would go out of his way to protect what and who he believes he must stand for, and is one to do anything in order to maintain peace and stability, even if it means putting his life on the line. He will do whatever he must, regardless if, in the end, his actions or decisions come back around to harm him; as long as he is able right about the complications that arise, he will deal with whatever comes his way in the aftermath.

On the other hand, Shane has a slight temper problem that, unfortunately, can easily be triggered, though fortunately easily dealt with. He also tends to think before he acts, often with poor results, though he does try his best to use mind over matter. He's known to snap at others over small things or act irrationally at time, however his "temper tantrums" never escalate to being considered out of control, and usually only last in short outbursts before he is able to regain himself and carry on. He can be immature and childish when ticked off, but he is able to get over it quickly and not hold grudges. Shane is a born forgiver, and never takes things to heart one he's able to pull himself together. He's a faithful friend and a loyal follower, and able to be mature and can possess all of the right aspects in tight situations. Shane is also able to be a quick thinker and can act fast, regardless of the amount of stress put on his shoulders.
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Shane Bergeron // Ungulate
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